The Easiest Airport Hairstyle – Ever

Airport hair should be anything but fussy, but everyone needs a break from the typical ponytail or bun now and again. Enter: the roped low braid. Not only is it glamorous, easy to pull off and comfortable for the flight, but it’ll create subtle waves that’ll look great if you don’t have time to style your hair before heading to the beach or dinner upon your arrival. Convinced? Today Sophie Elkus of AngelFoodStyle and Joico hair stylist Eric Mayes show you how to get the look in just a few easy steps and five minutes time.

Get The 5-Minute Look

Photos: Stephen Busken

You'll Need

Step 1: Pull Hair Back

Brush hair back into a low ponytail, securing with plastic hair tie. Using your hands, smooth hair around the crown with Joico's firm hold Power Spray; a medicine cabinet must-have.

Step 2: Create Sections

Run a drop of Super Shine glossing polish through the length of your ponytail to smooth. Split the ponytail into two equal sections and begin twisting one section of the ponytail in a counter-clockwise motion.

Step 2: Pull Under And Across

Pull the twisted section under the ponytail and to the opposite side. If needed, add more Super Shine as you go in order to secure flyaways.

Step 3: Repeat On The Opposite Side

Twist the other section of hair in the opposite direction and pull over and across so that the two sections of hair begin to make an X shape.

Step 4: Twist And Pull

Repeat steps two and three all the way down the shaft of the ponytail, twisting hair in opposite directions as you go.

Step 5: Secure And Set

Secure the ponytail with a clear elastic a couple of inches from the bottom and spray hair allover with Power Spray to lock in shine and keep hair secure throughout your flight.

Step 6: Remove Top Elastic

For a cool, natural look and a more comfortable feel, cut the top hair-tie off using beauty sheers and the pointy side of a rattail comb, which will help you separate the elastic from the base of the ponytail before snipping.

The Final Look

Voila: a goddess-worthy hairstyle that’s fit for a day of travel.

Style It With

Wear an effortlessly cool button-down shirt, track pants and slip-on sandals for a comfortable flight. Complete the look with a gorgeous oversized scarf and a structured tote for the perfect finishing touch.