Proof That The Ombre ’Do Is Out: Jared Leto Cut Off All His Hair

by Stephanie Montes
Getty Images

We’re willing to bet that over the years, women all around the world have taken a photo of Jared Leto to their stylist as inspiration for their next hair venture. Whether for an Oscar-worthy golden ombre or wispy face-framing layers cut to perfection, the singer, actor, songwriter has been the subject of hair envy since his role in Alexander in 2004–you know, that moment when he introduced us to the light-to-dark ’do mixed with the now-on-trend wet look. Fast-forward to today, where Leto surprised us with a one-two punch (ladies, brace yourselves) and cut his hair and ditched the beard.

What? How? Why? Announced in a Twitter photo by director David Ayer with a pair of scissors getting too close for comfort to Jared’s glorious ponytail with the caption “should we?”, the chop job is due to his role as the Joker in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. Although we won’t be taking a pic of his short hair to our stylist, we still think that there is a lesson to be learned here–maybe this is an official send-off to the once-beloved ombre look? Tell us what you think about Jared’s new look on our Twitter.