Pumpkin Spice It Up

by The Zoe Report

While stuffing one’s face with food is the hot topic du jour, don’t mind us while we shift focus to our recommended post-feast activity: exfoliation. The next best thing to pumpkin pie dessert, Jan Marini’s Pumpkin Spice Refining Exfoliator is an exceptionally delicious treat for your skin.A limited edition product from the eponymous skincare guru, this special product boasts top-notch ingredients—think: proteolytic enzymes and glycolic acid—to effectively yet gently polish your visage. What’s more is that it also possesses potent antioxidants which reap serious anti-aging benefits. Since the holiday season allots for plenty of unwinding, we suggest you take a cue from us and complement your drawstring downtime with a little complexion-happy scrubbing courtesy.

Availability: Jan Marini Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Refining Exfoliator ($80). For additional information, visit Janmarini.com.

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