Magic Crystals

by The Zoe Report

Never underestimate the power of a long bubble bath. Seriously. No matter your gender or age, the at-home indulgence is crucial for one’s sanity—treating stress, body aches and everything. Now you can make your bath time experience more rejuvenating than ever with INA’s White Gold Detoxifying Crystal Salt.

Formulated with white gold minerals from the Himalayas—for reals—and essential oils, this bath soak is a detoxifying godsend! Each and every crystal works at removing your body’s internal toxins built up from pollutants, alcohol and processed foods while also moisturizing your skin. Divine. The best way to prep for your next red carpet event or night out on the town, I suggest spending thirty minutes immersed in the tub with INA’s magic crystals…you will feel totally refreshed with skin that glows! xoRZ

Availability: INA White Gold Detoxifying Crystal Salt ($85). For additional retailer information, visit Inacrystals.com.

P.S. Have you seen all of the a-mah-zing fall pieces from Theory on Saks.com? D.I.E.

Style It With: Body Scrub, Body Oil, Candle