4 Ways To Get Whiter Teeth Right Now

by Stephanie Montes

There is one major part of our beauty routine that is sometimes overlooked but is certainly the most important. While we love a good contour and sultry smoky eye, no look is complete without a beautiful, white smile. Get our quick tips for making teeth (and your confidence) sparkle before running out the door. And the best part is you don’t have to skip that cup of morning coffee and yes, you can put off that dreaded dentist appointment once again.

Sink Your (White) Teeth Into This

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Get A Subtle Tan

If you have fair skin, a sun-kissed glow gives a contrast between your skin and teeth, making them look brighter and whiter in no time.

Wear A Blue-Based Lipstick

Red lipsticks with blue undertones instantly make your teeth look whiter. If you're feeling like your teeth could use some bleaching action, stay away from lipsticks that are too orange–they actually make them look yellow.

Give Your Teeth A Quick Rub

With clean fingers, rub a dollop of instant whitening gel on teeth after eating or drinking anything that stains. It brightens teeth on the spot and prevents future staining.

Brush With Baking Soda

Before brushing teeth, use a dry toothbrush and baking soda to polish and remove stains. You'll see results immediately but make sure to do it every day to keep them white.