How to Wake Up Tired Winter Hair

Greg Kessler

Cold December weather might come with all things festive, but it takes a not-so-cheerful toll on our tresses—which is less than ideal for the season of nightly holiday parties. The antidote for dull, dry strands: a gloss treatment that will give hair a conditioning boost and some killer shine to boot. To give our mane this instant upgrade, we enlisted the help of Tina Dizon, whose signature GLOSSary treatment at her Beverly Hills Salon, the Private Room, promises to give tired locks a rich, healthy finish, swoon-worthy sheen, and cure all traces of hair ennui. With seven jewel-tone hues to choose from— or for the color averse, there’s a sheer, pure shine option—that stay in hair two to three weeks, a gloss treatment is an easy way to give your ‘do some extra oomph, without the commitment of a dye job. The result: vibrant, party-ready tresses that make summer’s beach waves look plain tired. Here, Dizon shares the need-to-know facts behind the mane glamorizing treatment.

Roberto Cavalli, spring 2014. Photo: FirstView.

How Long It Takes “Including application, processing time, and shampoo, it takes 40 minutes total.” [Ed note: add in a blow dry and finishing a glass of complimentary Champagne, and you’re looking at an hour in the chair from start to finish.]

When To Try A Gloss “At any time—after a color treatment, as a refresher between color services, or the day of a special event to add shine and condition to any hair type. Because of it’s conditioning qualities, for very fine hair that struggles with volume, one week prior to an important event is recommended.”

The Hair Type That Needs It Most “It works on every hair type and texture, but damaged or dry and chemically treated hair will benefit from its conditioning aspect the most.”

The Right Color To Ask For “The GLOSSary service has seven gem tones to choose from and then we blend each gloss to the existing hair color (whether natural or color-treated). In general, we recommended choosing a hue that is never more than one tone darker or two tones lighter than the existing color.”

How To Maintain A Gloss “To keep the longevity of the color and shine, shampoo every two to three days. I always recommend using a leave-in conditioner to protect from heat and styling and a shine spray to finish the look.”

What To Expect During The Grow-Out Process “It’s semi-permanent service that will fade over time (it usually last two to three weeks), so there is no “grow-out” process or permanent tones to commit to.”