How To Use Concealer Like A Pro

by Stephanie Montes

Looking for a quick fix that gives you a flawless complexion? Your concealer might be the first thing that comes to mind, as well it should be. With just one dot, you can instantly erase dark circles, hide breakouts and cover up redness. From pens to pots to pencils, there are plenty of options for achieving perfect-looking skin. Here, we show you our favorites and give you tips on how to use them correctly.

Flawless In A Flash


Best for covering larger patches of redness or hiding dark circles, this cream concealer can be applied and blended with a brush or your finger.


Dot concealer on blemishes and blend with your finger before applying your foundation. See ya, breakout.


Keep a concealer pen in your purse to disguise dark circles while on the go.


Perfect the shape of your pout by tracing around the lips with a sharpened concealer pencil to clean up any lipstick smudges.


A liquid concealer is the most multitasking of the bunch. Use it under your foundation to hide breakouts and dark circles or put on lips to neutralize them before applying lipstick.