Mistakes You Make Every Time You Shave Your Legs

by Stephanie Montes

With spring now in full swing, it’s time to break out those sundresses and show off those legs. But before you do, there’s one thing you need to know: you’re doing it all wrong. We’re running through a handful of mistakes you might be making and a few hacks that make the whole process better. It’s time to ditch your winter coat–and we’re not talking about the one hanging in your closet.

Smoothing Things Out

Photo: Getty Images

Mistake: Shaving First In Your Shower Routine

Making this the last step in your regular shower routine allows the steam to open up your pores and soften your hair giving you the closest shave ever. In the mean time give yourself a hair mask and a mini facial–it’s a win-win.

Hack: Soak in a warm bath with a few teaspoons of olive oil before you shave. This softens the hair and prevents pulling and irritation.

Mistake: Not Lathering Up

We admit it; we’re guilty of reaching for a bar of soap when we’ve ran out of shaving cream–do as we say, not as we do. Soap can be drying and doesn’t provide enough lubrication, which results in a leg full of nicks.

Hack: In a pinch, use conditioner or peanut butter–seriously–it’s creamy and the natural oils are extra moisturizing.

Mistake: Not Tossing Your Old Razor

When the blade on your razor gets dull (usually after 5 shaves), it’s more likely to cause bumps, irritation and trap bacteria, potentially causing infection.

Hack: Dab a milk-soaked washcloth on legs to soothe irritation.

Mistake: Shaving In The Wrong Direction

If you have super sensitive skin, never shave upward or against the direction of hair growth. Instead, shave downward and repeat if it’s still not smooth enough.

Hack: If you happen to cut yourself in the process, use a waxy lip balm to instantly stop the bleeding.