Hair Removal 101: How To Prevent Every Kind Of Mishap

by Stephanie Montes

Getting bikini-ready can mean many things, but for us beauty junkies it means it’s time to get serious about hair removal. Here, we compare the pros and cons of shaving, waxing or using laser treatments so you can skip onto the beach with confidence. Now for the harder part, choosing a bathing suit…

For Underarms

Razor: Shaving is the best choice for underarms–that is if you do it correctly. The next time you shave your armpits, lather up with a thick shaving gel and shave in every direction. Going top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right and right to left is the only way to get this area completely stubble free. Don’t forget to change razors once a week.

Wax: Waxing such coarse hair requires you to grow it out for 3 weeks. Chance are you might not want to wait that long.

Laser: Splurging on an expensive laser treatment just might be worth it in this case. Not only does it take the hassle out of your daily routine but the procedure can also help reduce sweating.

For Forearms

Razor: Shaving your arms is convenient but it always leads to prickly hair.

Wax: If hair is about an eight of an inch long, you can wax it off quickly and painlessly. The best part is it rips hairs from the follicles leaving your arms smooth for weeks to come.

Laser: Dark hair reads best on a laser so it might be difficult to remove lighter fuzz from arms.

For Your Bikini Line

Razor: When it comes to your bikini area, never shave against the grain as this causes ingrown hair. Instead, lather up with a creamy shaving cream and shave in the direction hair grows.

Wax: A stripless wax (one that you apply warm and peel off once it cools without using fabric strips) is less painful and removes all traces of stubble. Gently exfoliate the area 2 days after waxing to prevent ingrown hair.

Laser: Hair in this area is usually dark so this makes it easy for a laser to target. The downfall: it’s tedious and it hurts.

For Legs

Razor: Shaving works best for light hair. Girls with dark hair seem to experience 5 o’clock shadows fairly quickly.

Wax: Waxing is the fastest and longest-lasting hair removal option but as we know, you have to let your hair grow out first. Leg stubble and miniskirts just don’t go together.

Laser: This takes the longest but the payoff is our favorite. Hair doesn’t grow back as quickly and it looks thinner.