How To Score The Perfect Cat Eye For Your Eye Shape

We’ve tried everything, from using an ergonomically designed liquid liner pen, to measuring our angles with a credit card, and still we end up looking more like a dancer from Cats than a feline vixen. Enter MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist, Cynthia Rivas who taught us how to customize the classic look to ensure flawless results, every time. Here are her secrets.

Trick 1

The most fool-proof way to achieve the cat eye is by using a stiff eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner (you can acheive the same consistency by mixing a powder with a little water). Rather than loosely drawing a line along the lashes, stamp the flat brush along the length of the lid, then gently sweep over it for added definition.

Trick 2

Rather than facing the mirror dead-on, angle your head back so that you are able to more accurately trace the shape of your eyelid. Most importantly, follow a straight line when extending the liner past the end of your eyelid (which is naturally curved upwards). Any intentional upward angle will just look like a check mark when your eyes are open.

Trick 3

Dip a shader brush into eye cream and wipe along the edges of the lines to remove excess or unwanted pigment.

Trick 4

If you've drawn too thick a line along your eyelid, or just want a softer look, use a pencil brush and slightly lighter shadow to gently smudge the upper part of the line before the original liner fully dries.

The Finished Product

We opted for a more dramatic version which is ideal for evening cocktails.

Dress It Up

Complement your newly perfected cat eye with a shirtdress and polished accessories.