How to Organize Makeup for a Better Beauty Routine

by Stephanie Montes

Have you ever had to settle for a less-than-perfect lipstick shade all because you couldn’t find your favorite in a cluttered bathroom drawer? We know the feeling. If you’re anything like us, your beauty cabinet looks like something left behind after a tornado. But when we’re trying to get out the door, our concern is getting the makeup on our face, not putting it back where it belongs. Don’t fret: We have the tips you need to keep your beauty arsenal neat and easy to navigate, even if being well organized is not your best quality. (No judgement.)

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you're wasting every morning looking for your go-to products? Stop squandering precious time muddling through a cluttered cosmetics case.

Clean It Out

First things first: You need to see what you have. Dump it all out on the table and sort into the following groups:

Everyday Items: These are your go-to makeup products you use regularly.

Special Occasion Items: The crazy colors and dramatic shades we save for a major night on the town.

Expired Items: We all have them. Reference our breakdown of product shelf lives and get rid of the items that are past their prime.

Items You Can Share: If you're blessed with an array of Tom Ford lipsticks but have a few shades you never wear, pass them to a friend who will put them to good use. Knowing your products will be in good hands makes it easier to free up valuable shelf space.

Evaluate Your Space

If you're working with limited storage (and who isn't?), edit your collection down to the makeup items always use and truly love. This will make your daily routine run more seamlessly and rid your space of unecessary clutter.

Invest In Storage Options

We know this sounds counterintuitive, but why invest in bulky storage bins and containers when they only seem to take up more space than you really have? Displaying everything so that it is in reach and organized by category makes finding the right eyeshadow or that perfect blush a far less stressful task.

Set It Up

Now that you have edited down and separated your makeup into categories, utilize your space and storage options wisely. When displaying product, make sure to keep like items together.

If you have high shelves: Keep special occasion products up at the top and everyday items at eye level.

If you have long shelves: Keep everyday items in the middle and store makeup brushes on the same side as your dominant hand. If you're left handed, keep them on the left side.

If you have low storage: Don't waste time bending over to grab items and put them back—this gets in the way of keeping your space organized. Instead, invest in a portable organizer that stores all of your everyday items and can be moved from counter to cabinet in a flash.

Our Favorite Storage Solutions

Lucite trays and cups look chic and make it easy to find the products you love.