6 Bronzing Products That Change The Way We Look At Tanning

Not long ago, self-tanning was messy, risky and typically left you looking orange, streaky or both. Thanks to a clutch of innovative new bronzing products, successful application has never been easier or produced more natural-looking results. Whether you prefer a faux glow that washes off at the end of the day or one that lasts all summer, these beauty buys are all you need to look like a bronzed beauty. Extra bonus? Zero sun damage.

Bronze Is Better

Liquid Bronzer

The days of bronzing with a heavy pressed powder and a blush brush are behind us. Thanks to this product, now you can look tan and dewy. Add a pump of product to a Beautyblender and press it right into the high points of your face (cheeks, forehead, bridge of nose and chin) to look like you've been soaking up the sun and not like you're wearing makeup.

Facial Oil

If you are an advocate for facial oils, this product is your new summer beauty staple. It sinks into your skin without feeling greasy, gives you a subtle golden glow and the best part is it can be worn under makeup. Win-win.

Blurring Body Balm

There's nothing like a product that gives you a boost of confidence (especially in the height bikini season). This miracle balm hydrates and tightens skin while leaving behind a pretty glow. Just think of it as an Instagram filter for your body.

Gel-Powder Bronzer

Unlike anything we've ever seen before, this bronzer feels like a sponge, applies like a powder and sinks into skin like a liquid. Apply with a kabuki brush to give your face an instant glow.

Bronzing Gel

Apply this lightweight bronzing gel on your face and body to give skin a sun kissed tint. Aside from being hydrating, this gel smells amazing and has a cooling affect on your hot, summer skin.

Body Serum

We can fully appreciate a product that leaves us looking tan and not streaky. This serum sinks right into skin, which makes for an even tan that dries instantly and doesn't need to be washed off.