How To Look Like Brigitte Bardot Today (And Every Day)

by Stephanie Montes

With her feline eyes, pillowy lips and artfully teased coif, Brigitte Bardot is the epitome of bombshell beauty. In honor of her birthday, we’re celebrating the legendary muse by channeling her iconic beauty look with products you already own. Here, 5 hair and makeup tips to transform yourself into a gallic goddess. While we can’t promise you’ll wake up looking like Brigitte, with a little practice you’ll be able to master her ‘je ne sais quois’.


Happy Birthday Brigitte Bardot

Wing It

Get Brigitte's smoldering eye by applying a liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line to create the cat eye she was famous for—start thin at the inner corner and wing out into an upward flick. The secret to her dreamy eyes is to also tightline with a kohl eyeliner. For added drama, darken the waterline and lower lash line.

Fake Some Freckles

Brigitte was known for her naturally flawless skin (all without the help of foundation, thank you very much). But from time to time, the bombshell liked to channel her inner beach babe and paint on rows and rows of faux freckles. Play up your natural freckles (on create a few) by dabbing a reddish-brown lip liner across your nose and cheeks.

Brow Down

When filling in brows, choose a pencil in a shade darker than your hair á la Bardot. Soften the shape by drawing short, wispy strokes, underemphasizing the arch of your brow and creating a smooth curve throughout.

Pouty Pout

If you weren't born with luscious lips consider a glossy nude lipstick your secret weapon to create a full yet understated pout. If a full, glossy lip isn't your thing, simply apply a tiny amount to the center of your lips to create dimension.

Text It To Me

When you think of Brigitte Bardot, tousled, bead-head hair is not far behind. You might already own a texturizing spray (or two) but try spritzing it to the ends as well as the roots. Rub hair between palms to get a piecey, lived-in look.