How To Look Like A VS Model In 5 Simple Steps

by Stephanie Montes

Ever wondered what the secret was to looking like a Victoria’s Secret model? (Besides having spectacular genes, of course.) We have, so in light of the biggest lingerie fashion show of the year taking place today in London, our globe-trotting contributor, Natacha Steven, sat down with beauty consultant to the Victoria’s Secret models Mzia Shiman to find out how to prep like an Angel. Follow her 5 steps for achieving a complexion that looks like you just dropped from the heavens.

How To Look Like An Angel

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Keep Skin Clean

"Monthly facials with an esthetician and regular exfoliation are so important. When pores are cleansed and unclogged, your skin is able to soak up all the benefits of your products."

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Take The Time To Do It Right

"Never go to bed without cleansing your skin and removing makeup. Always follow that with a night cream and take a few extra minutes to really work it into your skin with soft circular movements. Your face gets a daily workout when you speak, eat, smile and laugh, all of which cause face muscles to become tense. Think of a face massage like stretching your body after a workout."

Photo: @shaninamshaik

Healthy From The Inside Out

"Morning regimes are just as important as your nightly routine. Your daily treatment should consist of light cleansing, followed by a day cream with SPF to protect from harmful rays. Once protected from the outside, keep it healthy on the inside. Skin looks better when you get proper sleep and drink lots of water."

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Have A Big Day Coming Up? Prep Accordingly

"Now that you have a glowing complexion, it’s important to take care of the rest of your skin. Don't use any self-tanners the same day as your big event since you never know how your body will react. It takes a few days of advanced preparation to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Your big day should only be reserved for rest, hair and makeup."

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Get Supermodel Ready For Your Day

"Since all the prep is done the day before to make your skin hydrated and glowing, your face shouldn’t be cleansed with products the day of event. Instead splash with warm water and seal with a moisturizer, and you'll be ready for your wings!"

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