Products That Make You Look Wide Awake And How To Use Them

by Stephanie Montes

Coachella weekend was a blast–dancing all night, lounging on the lawn and working on your pre-summer tan–but if you’re anything like us, waking up this morning was not easy. If you’re looking less than lively and have your sunglasses glued to your face, these 5 products bring your look back to life in no time.

5 Steps To Recovery

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

Step 1: Exfoliator

Think of this as literally scrubbing off the evidence of this weekend. Slough off dead skin and dirt with a gentle exfoliator that doubles as frothy cleanser. Your skin will be instantly perked up.

Step 2: Serum

Choose a deep-penetrating serum with caffeine in it to instantly wake up your complexion. It’s like a hot cup of coffee, but better.

Step 3: Eye Treatment

This is our go-to for the morning after a long night. You can actually see the difference when you put it on–under eye bags and circles seem to lessen almost instantly.

Step 4: Eyelash Primer

At a time like this, your usual mascara routine won't make you look awake enough. Use a primer to give them even more length before coating them with a volumizing mascara.

Step 5: Illuminator

Chances are your skin is dehydrated and seriously dull. Use an illuminating face gloss on your brow bone, cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose to make your skin look dewy and fresh again.