How To Layer Lipsticks For Great New Shades

Our preferred lipstick shade changes almost as often as our mood. If we indulged every time we had a craving for a new shade, we would probably go broke at the beauty counter. To keep your pucker on par and your credit cards from declining, why not mix two of your favorite hues to create a new one? It’s an age-old formula: Red + Yellow = Orange, so apply the same theory to your lipstick and give yourself an endless range of new pigments to play with. Thanks to ubertalented makeup artist Lexi Swain, we have mastered this easy-to-do trick. Read on for how you too can breathe new life into your makeup game.

Pucker Up

"Lipstick layering is an easy way to make striking primary colors more wearable. Start by exfoliating lips and always use a primer when going bold, this way lipstick will go on more even and last longer. Also, it's important to apply a matte shade first (when possible) and then follow with a cream lipstick or gloss. Matte lipstick adheres to the lip better, therefore making the color last longer."

Layer: Purple + Red

"If you're into high-impact lip shades (think Lorde) but don't feel like you're quite 'edgy' enough to sport that trendy blue-black lip, you can apply a deep purple wine shade and then follow with a brighter red. The red hue will warm up the purple and give you intense color without the intimidation factor."

The Result

Layer: Red + Coral

"If you like a red lip but want to create depth, you can layer a deeper red followed by a brighter red or bright red followed by a coral shade. If you focus the lighter hue exclusively in the center of lips, it will not only make your red lip pop but will also make your lips look plumper."

The Result

Layer: Nude + Purple

"If you like the idea of a purple lip but want to ease into the trend, try layering a bright purple shade over a nude lipstick. You'll get a creamy bright lavender that is amazingly wearable for both golden or superfair skintones. "

The Result

Layer: Nude + Orange

"To soften the effect of a bright orange lip, try layering a nude lipstick over the top. This sherbet shade is fun, sexy, and totally appropriate for daytime wear."

The Result