How I Got Rid Of My Dark Circles In A Week

by Stephanie Montes
Curly and black-haired lady taking a selfie after she got rid of her dark circles in a week

I don’t get enough sleep, and I barely drink water (I know, I know), so I’ve never once wondered why I have dark circles and under-eye bags—but that doesn’t mean I like them. The way I see it, even if I perfected my sleeping schedule and exceeded my daily water intake, waiting for my eyes to naturally brighten up on their own could take months, if not longer. Is it so bad to want get rid of them, and not be willing to wait?

I recently discovered the BSB Beauty Globes: They’re glass, liquid-filled wands (pictured below). The product description reads, “Beauty Globes increase efficacy of eye treatments, facial serums and ampules by increasing ingredient penetration. Skin benefits also include improved lymphatic blood flow, more collagen production, reduced pore size and increased elasticity.” Truth be told, I just liked how they looked, so I gave the $75 tool a shot.

The first time I used them, I popped them in the fridge for a few minutes while I washed my face before bed. When it came time to apply my eye cream, I grabbed the chilled wands and gently massaged them around my eyes. Saying it felt amazing is an understatement, and my eyes were much less puffy after just a few minutes (I still had dark circles, but progress in that regard came later). The next morning, after hitting the snooze button more times than I care to share, I stumbled over to my bathroom mirror. I felt as tired as ever, but my eyes indicated otherwise. Granted, I was still waking up, but they weren’t as dark and swollen as they usually are every other morning.

Since then, I keep my Beauty Globes in the fridge, along with a handful of other beauty products. Even my husband is obsessed with them now. It’s turned into a relaxing ritual that wakes us up in the morning and helps us unwind at night. But the best part is, I’ve seen major results in such a short amount of time. I wear less makeup now, since I don’t feel the need to layer on concealer.

I’ve used cold spoons in the past, but the metal never feels great. It gets too cold, and the spoons always seem to stick to my skin (almost like a tongue on dry ice). These globes glide along my tender under-eye skin much more easily, and they don’t send a shocking chill down my spine when I first put them on my eyes. All in all, I consider it $75 well spent.