How To Get Supermodel Hair By Summer

Her hair, it’s full of secrets (yes, we’re talking to you Miranda, Karlie, Gigi). No really. Contrary to popular belief, those windswept, model-off-duty waves don’t just happen. They’re a combination of expert heat styling, texture-enhancing products and good hair habits. The latter being of the utmost importance as we approach the summer months (the sun, the sand, the salt—they’re rough on your tresses). For an I-woke-up-like-this Gigi Hadid-inspired tousle, make these easy-to-do hair rituals part of your everyday routine.

Brush your tresses with a boar bristle brush

Mason Pearson Brush, $105

Lay off the styling products, and use this old-school beauty trick to get shiny, smooth hair. The bristles moisturize by distributing hair-healthy sebum—the oil naturally produced by the scalp—with each stroke.

Take a hair supplement

Country Life Maxi-Hair Plus, $16

For an inside-out glow, pop this all-natural vegetarian capsule once daily for a guaranteed dose of B vitamins, biotin and MSM (all key players in a strong hair, skin and nails game).

Deep condition your strands weekly

Kerastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte, $62

Lock in moisture and rehydrate tresses with this age-defying formula that reinvigorates dry and brittle summer hair.

Protect your waves from heat

Tresemme Heat Protect Spray, $6

Do your hair a favor and go au naturel as much as possible. When the occasion does call for a blast of heat, spritz your mane with a protective spray to safeguard against breakage.

Don’t forget to care for your scalp too

Phyto Botanical Scalp Treatment, $38

Restore limp, congested hair with the clarifying powers of botanical-garden herbs (like rosemary and sage) for a root-to-tip detox.