Your Guide To What Every Hairbrush Is Actually For

by Stephanie Montes

There are 2 kinds of people in this world: a) those that have 1 hairbrush and use it for everything (from detangling to blowouts) and b) the kind that have a drawer chock-full of brushes in every shape and size but have no idea what to do with any of them. Either way, deciphering the dizzying world of hair tools can be difficult. With that in mind, we created a guide for every kind of brush you could possibly need and what to do with each one. Brush up on your skills, and your hair will show the results.

6 Brushes, 6 Different Uses

Detangle Wet Hair

When hair is wet, it’s at its most fragile. Brushes with stiff bristles or a round shape can tear hair, create split ends and dry it out. Choose one with thin, flexible bristles that make detangling painless and prevent breakage.

Settle Staticky Tresses

Rough bristles can create frizz on static-prone hair. Instead, opt for a brush with plastic bristles and vents in the base–this cuts drying time in half and leaves behind sleek, frizz-less tresses.

Add Volume To Thin Hair

Brushes with soft boar or nylon bristles provide tension on the hair, which creates volume, bounce and shine without tearing it out. Roll brush at the roots and create lift while blow-drying in an upward motion.

Curl Straight Hair

Who needs a curling iron when you can create ringlets with a brush? When hot air is applied, the metal base on this brush turns into a curler. Be careful not to use it on wet hair, as it can pull and break the ends. Instead, wait until it’s almost completely dry and then wrap hair around the base like a curling iron and blast with a blow-dryer.

Get A Bouncy Blowout

The bigger the brush, the bouncier your blowout. Use a round boar brush to create lift at the roots and then curl the ends. Make sure to twist and brush hair under the warmest heat setting until it is completely dry. If it's even a little bit damp, it will get frizzy once it dries.

Detangle Dry Hair

A big paddle brush is the most versatile of the group–use it to smooth and detangle dry hair. One with flexible bristles is more gentle on stubborn knots, which means less damage and breakage.