How To Get A Cat Eye Á La Suki Waterhouse

by Stephanie Montes

The 22 year-old actress and model Suki Waterhouse consistently manages to look preternaturally gorgeous. Whether she is galavanting around London with her best bud Cara Delevingne, or canoodling in Paris with beau Bradley Cooper, her carefree approach to makeup always serves her well. So this pairing of a dewy complexion, messy ponytail and exaggerated cat eye is just what we’d expect from the bohemian beauty. While we may not be able to steal her lifestyle we can steal her beauty look. Here’s how.

Suki To Me


Wear It Right

Start by prepping skin with a dewy, light foundation and dab a pink cream blush onto lips and apples of cheeks.

Skip The Waterline

Lining the lower waterline with a dark liner makes eyes look smaller.

Liquid Is Better

A dry eyeliner pencil tugs at the eye and creates uneven, chalky lines. Instead, use a liquid liner that glides across the skin for a crisp, long-lasting finish. Extend the flick a quarter of an inch towards the outer end of your eyebrow.

Get Gelly With It

For added drama, dip a flat liner brush into an eyeliner pot and tightline the upper lash line. Finish with a few swipes of mascara.