Beauty Blunders And How To Fix Them STAT

by Stephanie Montes

Streaky self-tanner may not count as a legitimate crisis, but when it happens it can feel like a disaster—of the fashion variety anyway. From puffy eyes to messy manis, we have the remedy to cure most beauty 911s on the quick. You’ll thank us the next time you find yourself faced with a serious makeup, hair or nail problem.

The 411 On Beauty 911s

Streaky Tan

In an effort to give your winter skin a sun-kissed glow, you packed on the self-tanner a little too enthusiastically.

The Remedy: Squeeze fresh lemon juice on a loofah and scrub dark patches. The acid gently breaks down buildup on the skin and removes excess product. Once dry, apply a gradual tanner to even things out.

Hair-Dye Stains

You took the time to touch up your roots but ended up dying your forehead instead.

The Remedy: Coat the stains with a hefty dose of Vaseline and let sit for 10-15 minutes. The oils in the jelly break down stains easily without having to scrub. Wipe clean with a warm washcloth.

Messy Mani

We know on-the-go manicures have to happen sometimes, but there's no excuse for having nail polish all over your fingers.

The Remedy: Once your mani has dried, apply a few drops of cuticle oil on the nail polish–it softens the lacquer and peels right off without ruining your nails.

Cold Sore

There is nothing chic about cold sores, but given that they are often brought on by stress, they tend to happen at the most inopportune times.

The Remedy: Coat the sore with a waxy lip balm to soften, prevent cracking and to build a protectant barrier that keeps makeup and bacteria from causing an infection. Apply a creamy concealer over the entire area and set with a color-correcting loose powder.

Ingrown Hair

Sure, a girl needs to shave her legs, but ingrown hairs are a nightmare.

The Remedy: Smoothen the area with a thick exfoliating paste to scrub away dead skin and release the hair without being too harsh. Wipe with a glycolic-acid treatment to soothe the redness and remove dead skin cells. Once hair is exposed, gently pluck to remove.

Mascara On Your Face

You were focused on coating every lash until you bumped your elbow and ended up with mascara all over your cheek.

The Remedy: A common mistake is to immediately take a makeup-removing swab and scrub the mascara away, but often that just makes a bigger mess and removes your foundation with it. Instead, wait until it's completely dry and then just scratch it off.

Puffy Eyes

You were up all night binge watching Homeland and woke up with puffy eyes.

The Remedy: Go old school and place chilled cucumbers or spoons on your eyes to calm puffiness. Or, use a hydrating eye mask that works while you're getting ready. If possible, use an eye-gel roller every so often while on your commute to work (even if you're wearing makeup) to calm the swelling.