2 Subtle But Stunning Makeup Looks For Fall

by Stephanie Montes
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Moving into the winter months is all about finding transitional makeup looks that stand the test of time (and the weather). We teamed up with makeup artist Fiona Stiles (and founder of one of our new fave beauty sites, Reed Clarke) to create 2 on-trend makeup looks that are easy to create and beautiful enough to take you from season to season. Whether you’re a minimalist with an appreciation for a matte brown lip or a girly-girl who loves to bat eyes full of flutter, we have the simply gorgeous look for you.

Fiona Stiles

“Translating makeup looks from magazines or the runways and making them wearable is one of the really fun challenges of my job. I love these 2 looks because they are easy to create at home while being on trend and expensive looking.”

Gone Matte

“This look has a bit of a stripped-down ’90s vibe. Remember the rosy brown lipstick that defined the beginning of that decade? Well it's having a moment again.”

On clean, moisturized skin, use a concealer around the nose, eyes, chin and mouth for a flawless base before applying foundation. Swipe a liquid highlighter on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, and blend a cream bronzer into the hallows of cheeks for a contoured finish.

Brush brows up and set them with a brow gel for an on-trend bushy look. Swipe a clear eye gloss on lids and curled lashes for an eye that really shines.

Moisturize lips with a light balm and blot before filling in with a matte lip pencil.

Photo: Andrew Stiles

Model: Ali Collier-Vision models

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French Girl

"When done correctly, loads of mascara paired with a pale lip has '60s French-girl vibe.”

After moisturizing, use a damp blending sponge to apply foundation, starting at the center of your face and working outward. Swipe a cream highlighter down the bridge of the nose and blend a neutral taupe color under the cheekbones to add definition and contour.

Emphasize brows with a powder before brushing up and setting with a clear gel. Create full-looking flutter by thinly lining the upper lash with a black liner that a subtly wings out at the corner. For the spider-eye look, coat curled lashes with a loose transparent powder in between multiple coats of mascara.

Finish the look with a pale pink or nude lipstick in a semimatte finish.

Photo: Andrew Stiles

Model: Ali Collier-Vision models

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