How To Make Your Nails Look Longer In 2 Seconds Flat

by Stephanie Montes

Longer nails can be superior for a number of reasons—they make your hands look slimmer and more feminine, and are a sign of youth and good health. But that doesn’t mean we’re all capable of growing long, beautiful nails, and sometimes acrylics just aren’t the answer. For those girls, we learned a trick that can elongate the look of your nails and only requires some strategic painting: Clear polish on the sides and a dark vertical stripe down the middle. “This is something I used to do when I was young,” manicurist Jin Soon Choi told Elle.com. “When I was growing up, my friends and I wouldn’t extend the color to the sides of our nails to make our nails look more elongated.” It’s an optical illusion that can pass as chic nail art. Try it, because size does matter.