How To Exfoliate Your Face The Right Way

by Stephanie Montes

Looking to smooth your complexion, unclog pores and get rid of that dry skin on your face? The obvious decision is to exfoliate, right? Yes and no. In short, exfoliating is only effective when it is done correctly. Here, 4 rules to follow the next time you decide to scrub your mug.

Get Scrubbing

Rule #1: Do Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

Sure, you need to be extra gentle but just because you have sensitive skin doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your exfoliating products. Instead of reaching for harsh, gritty scrubs, try a mask that doubles as an exfoliator. This gives you a deep clean without being too harsh on your skin.

Rule #2: Don’t Scrub Away Dead Skin

If your skin is dry, it might be dehydrated and likely more fragile than usual. Using a glycolic acid toner wipes away dead skin without irritating the surface.

Rule #3: Do Mix Your Skincare Products

Although normal complexions can handle a deeper exfoliation, harsh scrubs can create damaging, micro-sized cuts on the surface of you skin. Make the process easier on your face by mixing a grittier exfoliant with a rich cleansing oil.

Rule #4: Do Choose Double-Duty Products

Oily and combination skin benefits from a gritty scrub that also soaks up excess oils. Use a light salicylic acid to break down and remove dead skin, makeup and mattify your complexion.