6 Accessories You Need To Dress Up Your Vanity

by Stephanie Montes

If you’re anything like us, the inside of your vanity is chock-full of your favorite beauty products but the outside of it looks sad and boring. Not to worry, there’s a quick fix for that. These 6 accessories dress up your get-ready station and even make getting ready in the morning a bit more enjoyable–if that’s even possible.

Vanity Upgrades


A small bouquet of flowers brings life to your vanity and instantly makes it look pretty and feminine.

Lipstick Holder

Something that is functional as it is beautiful dresses up your space while keeping it organized at the same time.

Vanity Tray

A vanity tray is perfect for housing your perfumes together while making them look like a display piece.


Make your space smell as pretty as it looks by adding a beautiful candle.

Wall Art

Framed art (like an inspirational quote or bold beauty look) makes your vanity look like a showpiece.

Makeup Brush Holder

Throwing your makeup brushes in a stuffy drawer can create bacteria buildup. Instead, stand them in a stylish makeup brush holder–now you don't have to sift through a cluttered drawer for that shadow brush.