4 Hacks For Concealing Bad Tan Lines

by Stephanie Montes

Picture this: Gorgeous day, sandy beach, umbrella drink in hand. Everything is perfect until you realize you completely forgot to apply (or reapply) sunscreen. Should you be wearing a distinctly shaped swimsuit (we too thought the side cutouts were a good idea) and end up with unforgiveable tan lines that so don’t go with the halter top you were planning on wearing to dinner, we have makeup-camouflage remedies to the rescue.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Photo: Courtesy of Seafolly by Enrique Badulescu

Tanning Wipes

Using self-tanning wipes gives you more control than a foam or gel. Go over lighter areas with tanner to even out your color and once it's dry, give entire body a second coat to give yourself an even bronze glow.

Liquid Bronzer

If your tan is subtle, add a few drops of bronzer to your moisturizer and apply all it over your body. This makes your tan look even better and minimizes the contrast between different skin tones.

Body Makeup

If you're looking to cover an extreme tan, body makeup is the way to go. Spray it all over your body and rub it in with your hands (don't worry, it'll wash off). This covers any imperfections and creates an even color.


Chances are you already have a powdered bronzer in your makeup bag. Apply it with a brush (and a heavy hand) on lighter areas and spritz with a makeup setting spray. What tan lines?