The Easiest Way To Get Incredible Cheekbones

by Stephanie Montes

Whether you like a little shading to define your cheekbones or you’re completely committed to mapping out your face like a pro, having the right products by your side is imperative. These 6 palettes make the tricky chiseling process completely foolproof. They even got us thinking we can go full Kardashian everyday.

Chiseled Cheeks

Photo: FirstView

The pattern on this palette eliminates any guesswork with a map of what goes where on your face (highlighter on forehead and cheeks, contour on cheekbones and chin).

This matte cream blends right into skin and gives you a dewy finish so it looks like you're not wearing makeup.

This convenient cream palette makes it finger-friendly. No brush, no problem.

The mini Kabuki brush makes contouring on the go as easy as swipe and run.

Now you don't have to tote around a contour kit and a blush, this palette has it all built right in.

If this palette doesn't have a shade made for you, mix a couple together to create the perfect color.