How To Apply Makeup With Your Fingers

by Stephanie Montes

We can go on and on about how applying makeup with your fingers gives you better control and a more natural finish but the bottom line is this: Sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to deal with brushes. And let’s be honest, more often than not we’re throwing on makeup as we run out the door or—worst-case scenario—in the car (we don’t encourage that). If this sounds like your morning beauty regime, here are the finger-friendly beauty products you should infuse into your routine.

Who needs makeup brushes? Learn how to apply makeup with your fingers when you're on the go.


When applying foundation with your fingers, it’s important to find a product with a creamy consistency that covers the skin like a face cream. Just because you are applying with your hands, doesn’t mean the coverage has to be minimal. Look for formulas with a matte finish and add layers for extra coverage.


When covering imperfections, it’s best to rub product in with your fingertips.

Green concealers hide redness caused by rosacea or breakouts

Purple concealers counteract yellow spots and dull undertones

Yellow concealers even out skin tone and conceal under-eye circles


When it comes to your cheeks, it’s easier to achieve a natural, glowing flush with sheer creams and light mousse formulas. These products work with the warmth of your fingers and melt into your skin, making application a breeze.

Contour & Highlight

Contouring your face is an art form, but it doesn’t need to take hours or tons of products. Find a cream based highlighter and bronzer to showcase your favorite features while you're on the go.

Eye Shadow

There are plenty of options for adding color to your eyes sans brushes. Achieve a smoky eye by smudging creamy eye pencils with your fingers, then create a natural finish by working in liquid or whipped shadows.

Lip Color

To minimize the products you tote around, use your cream blush as a lip balm and vice versa. For long-lasting color, apply a lip stain with your finger and create layers for deeper shade.