How One Environmental Activist Takes Time For Self-Care & Recharging

Embrace the notion that doing less is actually so much more — more energizing, more rewarding, more fulfilling. “We’ve been fed a narrative of constant consumption and production, but this pace of living is not what we’re wired to do,” says environmental activist and sustainability educator Aditi Mayer. “Moments of pause, reset, and reflection are key to living a more intentional, conscious life.” Because sometimes even self-care can feel like an action item to check off your to-do list, folding it into something you’re already doing on a daily basis, like your skin-care routine, may feel more sustainable.

“Getting ready and unready are both rituals for me,” says Mayer, who uses the Harmony Ritual — a carefully curated series of skin offerings from Keys Soulcare — to bring the mind, body, spirit, and skin into balance. After all, a restful glow doesn’t just come from products but also from just taking the time to honor yourself and replenish what’s on the outside and inside. More on that from Mayer ahead, in partnership with Keys Soulcare.

“There is no right way to self-care—it all depends on the individual. For some, it’ll be an intensive workout. For others, it’s a beauty or skin-care routine. Self-care, at its core, is creating the mental, emotional, and physical space to check in with that you really need. Sometimes, it’ll mean self-discipline. At other times, it’ll mean rest.

Daily rituals have become especially important to me in the age of the pandemic, because it invites moments of consistency and care that I think are so important. I’ve made it a point to get ready a lot more. Despite the fact that we’re all still at home for the most part, the art of getting dressed — a nice dress, a red lip — does a lot for me mentally. And for me to wind down, the Harmony Ritual frames a mental switch to opt out from the calls and commitments of the day before getting into bed.”


“I have dry skin that can easily become dull and textured without proper care, and the combination of cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating with products that work harmoniously has really helped keep my skin smooth, bright, and hydrated. I do it once a day, in the evening.

I’ll start by lighting a candle. Scent has such a powerful ability to take us to different mental spaces or even to different periods in our life. The scent of the Sage + Oat Milk Candle is very light, but it reminds me of my garden. Sage is the star of my herb planter box. I’ll then use the Golden Cleaner, which has calming and detoxifying turmeric and chamomile. It does a great job of not only taking off my makeup but keeping my skin hydrated. After cleaning, I won’t pat with a towel. Instead, I use the Be Luminous Exfoliator. This is the first water-activated exfoliating powder I’ve ever used, but I love it; the microgranules are gentler than most exfoliants and turn into a lush foam as you buff them into your face. My skin feels amazing afterward. If I have any specific dry patches, I’ll dab on the Comforting Balm. It has avocado and shea butter, and I also apply it as a lip mask before bed. I finish with a series of sprays of the rose-infused Reviving Aura Mist, which doubles as a toner and smells so calming. About once a week, I'll apply the Harmony Mask for a skin reset. I've always been a big fan of using manuka honey and activated charcoal as part of my skin care routine because of their nourishing and purifying properties.

Skin care is often a matter of discipline, be it drinking enough water or cleansing off your makeup. But I think framing it as a ritual and inviting a slow pace and intention goes a long way in bridging physical and mental health.”


“Clean ingredients are key for me. Keys Soulcare products are powered with prioritized botanicals and minerals, such as hojicha and manuka honey, and they contain none of the 1,000-plus substances restricted by the FDA and European Union Cosmetics Regulation Guidelines.”