How Celebrities Get Red-Carpet Ready For The Emmys

by Stephanie Montes

With the 2015 Emmy Awards just around the corner, celebrities are ​focusing on getting red-carpet ready from head to toe. While you might not be attending the star-studded event, pampering yourself can still be part of your weekend agenda. Instead of forking out the big bucks, treat yourself to the same services as Hollywood’s A-listers in the comfort of your own home. From a teeth-whitening gadget to an oxygen facial, these 7 beauty buys whip you into tip-top shape—a good thing whether or not you’re getting photographed by the paparazzi.

Always Be Red Carpet Ready

Photo: Getty Images

Prep Your Pearly Whites

Celebrities are constantly smiling for photographs so their teeth always need to be on point. Instead of keeping up with regular whitening sessions at your dentist office, invest in a device that allows you to do it at home on your own time.

Feel Beautiful From The Inside-Out

Hollywood's finest are known to go away on detox retreats and pay for expensive spa treatments get their bodies and skin right for red carpet appearances. This lemon and charcoal drink does the same on a fraction of the budget.

Get A Glowing Complexion

Oxygen treatments are all the rage in Hollywood because they hydrate and plump skin, leaving it with a healthy glow—which looks great on camera. Get the same results with a few bumps of this carbonated face mask.

Make Your Legs Smoother Than Ever

Celebrities swear by laser hair removal but it can get expensive. Invest in a hair removal laser to get the same results at home. Disclaimer: The stinging further proves that pain really is beauty.

Tone Your Body

Body wraps are popular for losing inches and smoothing cellulite. This device stimulates circulation, which results smoother, less puffy legs and arms.

Look (And Feel) Younger

Ever wondered how the red carpet stars stay young looking? The answer is infrared lasers that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This $30 mask does the same thing without having to wait for an opening at your dermatologist office.

Make Your Complexion Flawless

Celebrity makeup artists use airbrush machines to apply foundation on their high-profile clientele because of the impeccable coverage and lightweight finish. Finally there's an at-home airbrush machine that gives you the same results—we especially love that it's cordless and not bulky.