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Hourglass Nails Are Officially Viral — Here Are 8 Looks To Try Right Now

Run, don’t walk.


Hourglass nails, as seen on Kourtney Kardashian, have taken over Instagram and it’s not hard to see why. With sultry curves — originally inspired by Muglar’s illusion designs — the look balances art with minimalism. Ahead, TZR gathered eight of the best hourglass nail looks to test drive the trend.

Short & Sweet

Some nail art trends don’t always translate well to shorter lengths, but this hourglass mani is an exception. With the accentuating aspect of the design on the outside of the nail and the focus on the nude inside, the hourglass pattern works well on any nail length.

Nude Negative Space

Originally debuting during an episode of Euphoria, this hourglass nails look is created with a flesh-colored base and simple black curves framing the negative space.

Tiny Hearts

Valentine’s Day may be over, but you can still inject a little love into your manicure. This hourglass nails look combines a classic black and nude look with tiny pink hearts at the base of the nail.

Diamond Gemstones

Similarly, a single diamond gem placed at the bottom of a black and white design is a subtle yet glamorous way to dress up a hourglass nail manicure.

Almond Nails

Contrasting colors are one of the most alluring aspects of hourglass nails. While it’s usually created on coffin-shaped nails, the curvy design proves to be just as enticing on almond shaped nails. For a lighter take on the trend, swap in a forest green hue to create the hourglass effect.

Pastel Colors

Lighter toned hues are the easiest way to take the hourglass nail trend into spring.

Bold & Striking

Hourglass nails may appear to be a simple design with diverging curves and a neutral color palate. But when applied on long coffin acrylic nails, the look instantly becomes an eye-catching design.

Flecks Of Glitter

Though hourglass nails are generally paired with narrowing nail shapes, this variation on square nails proves the versatility of the design. With the top portion of the hourglass kept open, the design becomes a frame for the glittered base.


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