Hot Roller Revival


We love our beloved bombshell styling irons just as much as the next girl, but sometimes you need to change things up. Presenting a classic alternative (or complement) to your curling wands, Team Zoe hair guru Joey Maalouf shares his tips for using hot rollers here. That’s right, your Grandmother’s go-to tresses tool is ready for a revival!

Get The Look

Hair Volumizer

Serge Normant Volumizing Spray, $23

"On tousled dry or day-old hair, spray on Serge Normant Meta Lash Volumizer. It's best to spray on when hair is wet to create volume."

Sectioning Comb

Mason Pearson Tail Comb, $22

"Divide your hair into three sections—one in the middle and one on either side."

Hot Rollers

Cloud Nine Hair Hot Rollers, $400

"Set your rollers. Use all big rollers on the top and smaller to medium-sized rollers on the sides and back—because that's where all of the length is. The smaller the roller, the longer the curls will stays. Leave them in until they cool down."

Finishing Spray

Lea Journo Finishing Spray, $28

"Once your hair is cool, spritz the rollers with finishing spray and remove them. Flip your hair upside-down and use your hands to shake through it. Use a curling iron to touch up the front where needed."



Model, Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2013

"Take your runway-ready hair out on the town!"