Heavy Metal

by The Zoe Report

Just as our wardrobe reflects the changing of the seasons, so should our nail polish! For fall, I will always be loyal to deep classic reds like Chanel Vamp and Essie Wicked, but I like to switch them out with something sparkly on the holidays. Deborah Lippmann has the right idea with her latest twinkling hue—Marquee Moon.

You all know how strongly I feel about sequins—so of course I love to see them in a polish. This silvery sequin lacquer is the ultimate shade for all of your festive soirees…like a disco ball on your nails 🙂 I also recommend it to those of you who are practicing the biker trend—the metallic finish looks awesome alongside chunky chain bracelets and pyramid stud rings. Can’t get enough shimmer? Add some of Deborah Lippman’s* other new shades to your repertoire—Happy Birthday and Don’t Tell Mama. Put your fingers to the metal—shake hands in style. xoRZ

Availability: Lippmann Collection Nail Laquer in Marquee Moon ($16).