Health & Wellness: The Winter Edition

Staying healthy this winter is about more than vitamins and making sure to bundle up. Your beauty, exercise and even eating routines need to adjust to the onset of freezing-cold temperatures. Because we know it’s important to be beautiful on both the inside and the outside, we curated a few important tips for being your best self this winter. From your beauty routine to your workout schedule to what you put in your mouth, our guide to winter wellness is sure to get you to spring like a champ.

Rethink Your Routine

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Fresh & Clean (And Moisturized)

A chilly morning can make getting out of bed difficult and taking care of your skin even more of a tough task. Confront the day looking (and feeling) refreshed with an energizing face wash. Then, prepare your mug to face the elements with a moisturizing and de-puffing eye cream. (A snuggly robe just makes the whole process more enjoyable.)

Strong Body, Clear Mind

Seasonal colds are an unfortunate side effect of the winter season, but a healthy body is better equipped to fight one off. Keep yours strong and fit by maintaining your exercise schedule in spite of the freezing temps. Gyms and classes are the easiest option during the chillier months, but if you venture outside, makes sure you're doing it with cold-weather essentials both fashionable and functional.

Beauty From The Inside Out

Beauty isn't only skin deep. Staying truly healthy this winter also means eating well. Urban Remedy offers a 3-day Beauty Kit cleanse complete with plant-based, non-inflammatory foods rich in antioxidants, fiber and essential fatty acids that help make skin and hair glow. Each day brings a new version of a healthy dish so you don't get bored. Delicious!