Halloween Costume Ideas That Are All About The Hair And Makeup

by Stephanie Montes

For a beauty junkie, planning what your hair and makeup will look like on Halloween is the best part. So naturally, we curated our top picks for costumes that focus heavily on your beauty sitch. The trick to nailing your costume is to pick a recognizable figure and get their most important features just right. Once you do that, the costume will just come together, which also happens to be especially helpful for last-minute parties. Here, 8 foolproof (and super-chic) Halloween costume ideas to keep in mind for all your ghoulish festivities this year.

Look The Part



A deep, slicked side part accompanied by drawn-on signature Twiggy eyelashes and an over accentuated crease is all you need to channel the fashion icon. Throw on a '60s-inspired frock and get ready to go-go dance all night long.


Elizabeth Taylor As Cleopatra

Your Cleopatra costume checklist: blue eye shadow, black liquid eyeliner, clip-on bangs (if you don't have them already) and gold accessories, lots of gold accessories.



Nobody rocked jet-black hair down to their waist like Cher did in the '70s. A wig, parted in the middle and the longest spider lashes you've ever seen are all you need to pull off her iconic look. Extra points for wearing something sheer and embellished with piles of beading.


Marie Antoinette

Wear your hair in tight curls with tons of volume and dress it up with flowers, feathers, bows, household objects, dessert, whatever. Don't forget to pile on the jewels, gloves, ruffles, lace and blush and be glad this isn't still a day-to-day routine.


Anna Wintour

It doesn't get more recognizable than Anna Wintour's famous bob (which she's had for over 25 years) and a pair of dark sunglasses. Classic separates, a statement necklace and tweed anything are the magazine legend's staple pieces. That's all.


Marilyn Monroe

If you're not already blonde, you can find a perfectly coifed Marilyn-inspired wig at any Halloween store. Complete your look with a red pout, subtle cat eye and of course, the famous beauty mark.


The Bride Of Frankenstein

Whether you're opting for a full wig or just a white, clip-in extension, the bride of Frankenstein's unmistakable look will get you recognized at any Halloween party. Add some faux surgical stitches along your jawline and throw on a white dress before you run out into the night.


Frida Kahlo

Stick some flowers in your milkmaid braids and bust out the blush, red lipstick and tinted brow gel. A fringed shawl, anything embroidered or brightly printed will complete your look in no time.