Hairbrushes For Every Styling Goal

by Stephanie Montes

If you are anything like us, you store the same trusty hairbrush in your bathroom drawer and use it for everything from detangling to blowouts. We’re not proud of it and you shouldn’t be either. That brush aisle that you walk aimlessly through is full of choices because each one serves a different purpose. We’ll show you why there are so many options and which are the best for you.

Brush up on your knowledge and shop our favorite tools.

For Blowing Out Thick Hair

The super absorbent microfiber bristles dry your hair as you brush, which means less blow drying time and less heat damage.

For Blowing Out Fine Hair

Soft boar and nylon bristles provide gentle tension for fragile strands, creating volume, bounce and shine without damaging hair.

For Smooth, Static-Free Hair

Vents in the base allow air to flow through the holes, cutting drying time in half and leaving behind sleek, frizz-less tresses. Use a flat brush for straight hair and round for a full, bouncy blowout.

For Detangling Wet Hair

Keep this one in the shower to distribute conditioner or just use it to brush out any tangles before your hair routine. Start at the ends and work your way up. We promise there won’t be a trace of breakage.

For Boosting Shine

Natural boar bristles distribute natural oils, polish hair, and smooth the cuticle to give your locks a healthy shine.

For Creating Curls

This brush acts as a curling iron when it hot air is applied. Be careful not to use this on wet hair, it will pull and break at the ends. Instead, use it in the finishing stages by holding curls in place and lifting at the roots.

For Teasing

Natural boar and nylon multi-leveled bristles create buildable backcombing volume, while minimizing damage, breakage and split ends.

For Thick, Coarse Hair

For hair that is course and curly, it is important to detangle with a wide tooth comb before styling. Work in sections and start at the bottom, gently working your way up.