The Neglected Step In Your Hair Routine That’s Making You Look Blah

by Stephanie Montes

Your shampoo routine might come as an afterthought and we don’t blame you—generally if our hair feels clean, that’s enough for us too. But if your mane is dry, dull or frizzy, chances are you can benefit from switching to a different shampoo (one that’s actually right for your hair type). Here, find your hair-care soulmate and get your suds session on the right track, finally.

Vanessa Jackman

Wash Away Bad Hair Days

Get your shine on.

Say sayonara to flaky scalps.

Stop fussing with frizzy strands.

Give thin hair a boost of body.

You paid a lot of money for that color—make it last as long as possible.

Pick a shampoo that loves your curls as much as we do.

You put your hair through a lot. Give your dry, damaged strands the love they deserve.

Blondes have more fun when their shampoo gets the job done correctly.