This Year’s Best Celebrity Hair Transformations

It was a good year for hair, especially among the daring set: A crop of our favorite celebs—Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Sienna Miller—certainly weren’t shy when it came to switching up their dos. From serious cuts (and convincing fake-outs) to gorgeous dye jobs, these were our favorite hair transformations of 2015.

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Sienna Miller

Though she's previously sported rose-gold locks, Sienna went several steps further on the color spectrum to debut a fiery red mane this past fall. It proved short-lived, but we loved her take on the rich, vibrant autumn hue.

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Kim Kardashian

No stranger to breaking the Internet, Kim sent the Web into a tailspin when she stepped out with icy platinum locks at Paris Fashion Week in March. The dramatic overhaul from her natural deep brown proved she can pull off just about any color she pleases.

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Gigi Hadid

Gigi's signature long blonde locks were very noticeably missing at the AMAs in November. The following 24 hours were rife with debate among fashion girls over whether or not the chop was real. Gigi's hairstylist Bryce Scarlett later confirmed it was indeed faux, thanks to expert hair-tucking and a sneaky partial wig.


Lily Aldridge

Before she was this year's belle of the ball at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lily was on our radar for another reason: her enviable bangs. (And OK, let's be serious—she's never not on our radar.) The supermodel debuted sweet, side-swept fringe over the summer and consequently made us consider emulating her low-maintenance take on the look.

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Kate Mara

This was certainly the year of a shorter do (read: a lob or bob), but Kate took her version to the next level with a closely cropped pixie. Her zigzag part and uncontrived texture made for a gorgeously modern take on the classic style.


Khloé Kardashian

We've seen Khloé's hair get ever-so-slightly blonder over the past year, and her lob cut in the fall solidified a new direction with her beauty look. We're glad she's ditched the extensions (for now): The shorter cut feels fresh and weightless, and it's a fun departure from her usual Rapunzel-like locks.

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Dakota Johnson

When Dakota lopped off several inches of hair this past April, the effect was hugely impactful to her look as a whole. The cut instantly added an element of French-girl chic.

Kate Middleton

The royal version of a hair dare: Kate welcomed a conservative switcheroo by way of long, swooping bangs, which offered a subtle style change without compromising an ounce of polish.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Though she's been rocking shorter hair for the better part of the year, her recent transition to an icier blonde hue makes her baby blues pop (and consequently makes a case for a cool, slightly ashy dye job).


Jared Leto

Who can forget the moment Jared cut off his long, ombre locks back in March? The dramatic chop was for his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad, but he's since lent his own edge to the look (ahem, a neon pink dye job, for one).


Zoë Kravitz

We love Zoë's signature long, braided locks but appreciated this summer-ready, wavy lob. Paired with a fresh face, she's the poster child for effortless beauty.