What Your Hairstylist Wishes You Would Stop Doing

by Stephanie Montes

You’d be surprised to hear all the things that can be ruining your hair on the daily. Seriously, everything from trimming it too often to wearing the wrong elastic can cause major damage to your tresses. To make sure we all treat our hair with plenty of TLC, we tapped the experts for their best tips on maintaining the healthiest locks of your life.

Adam Katz Sinding

Don't: Detangle Wet Hair With The Wrong Brush

"Your hair is extra fragile when it's wet. Brushing your hair with various bristled brushes can cause strands to wrap around the bristles and be torn out inadvertently and can lead to more breakage around the hairline. Using a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb is a far superior and beneficial approach. It controls frizz during blow drying and maintains your natural texture for a soft, natural result, without the damage."

-Tim Abney, Associate Director of Education for Kevin Murphy

Don't: Dry Your Hair With A Bath Towel

"Drying your hair with a traditional towel is the easiest way to ruin your hair—the harsh fibers from towels can be damaging on your strands. Instead use an old cotton t-shirt to gently squeeze out moisture from the hair post shower."

-Justine Marjan, Celebrity Hairstylist

Don't: Neglect Your Regular Trimming Sessions

"Stop not cutting your hair! Haircuts are so important for the strength, shine and health of your hair. Then, when you do get it cut, find a stylist who can make your hair look gorgeous in its natural texture so you don't have to over heat style or over process it. Your natural hair is gorgeous, embrace it!"

-Joey Maalouf, Celebrity Hairstylist Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Glam App

Don't: Ruin Your Blonde Hair With The Wrong Products

“There's nothing worse than a client spending several hundreds of dollars trying to achieve that perfect “So-Cal blonde”, but won't invest in the necessary products to maintain their healthy golden locks. I like Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner for blondes.”

-Heather Cie, Co-Founder of Cie Sparks Salon

Don't: Heat Style Your Hair Every Day

“Excessive heat styling can be rough on your hair. You don't need to flat iron, curl or blow dry your hair every day; it causes so much damage. You can achieve the trendy beach waves without heat by braiding your wet hair at night. Take it out the next morning and use Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to give it texture.”

Michael Sparks, Co-Founder of Cie Sparks Salon

Don't: Mix Hairspray And Hot Tools

"Many people spray hairspray on a section before wrapping it around a curling iron. The general thought behind this practice is that it will hold the curl much longer, especially if you're using a strong hold hairspray. However, alcohol in hairspray dehydrates the hair when extreme heat like a curling iron is applied. This leads to long-term breakage and the hair can look dry or dull over time."

-Tim Abney, Associate Director of Education for Kevin Murphy

Don't: Style Hair When It's Wet

"Refrain from shampooing every day! Shampoo can be harsh on your strands so only doing it 2-3 times a week is plenty. If you have dryer hair I recommend using your conditioner as more a "refresher" in place of shampooing so much."

-Brian O’Connor, goodDYEyoung Creative Director & Celebrity Colorist