10 Things Only Brunettes Understand

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Valle

Whether you’re a natural or you chose to join the dark side, there are a few things you understand that your lighter, brighter counterparts cannot: the boredom you sometimes feel with your ‘do. Is that dry shampoo or dandruff? Ahead, 10 facts that comprise the daily struggle of the brown-haired girl. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great being a brunette—most of the time.


Dry Shampoo Looks Like Dandruff

If you want to soak up the oil on your scalp, you have to deal with the white residue.


Blowouts Are A Short-Lived Glory

Is it just us or does your dark hair go from shiny to greasy in 24 hours or less?


Your Body Hair Is Also Brunette

Did you shave today?


You Have A Mustache

Sure, peach fuzz is a nicer way to say it.


Your Color Is A Commitment

You can't change it without bleaching it first (thus completely killing off one strand at at time).


Natural Highlights Are A Pipe Dream

Without help from your colorist, your single-toned hair will never quite pull off the depth of that blonde braid you found on Pinterest.


You're In A Serious Relationship With Your Colorist

The slightest growth shows your dark roots. And no, it doesn't look as cool as it does on that girl you follow on Instagram.


Shedding Is Impossible To Hide

A white sweater is a conspicuous backdrop for loose strands.


Split Ends Are The Enemy

They're lighter than the rest of your hair, they shine in the sun and they're an open letter to the world that you haven't gotten a trim in months.


Boredom Is A Given

No matter how you style your hair, it feels like it always looks the same. Again, single-toned strands.