The Hair-Tie Hack We’re Stealing From Christopher Kane

by Stephanie Montes

How many times have you found yourself in the absence of a hair tie and reached for a pencil to hold up your loosely rolled chignon? While we’ve always had a problem keeping track of our elastics, keeping tabs on our pencils has since proven to be equally difficult. Now thanks to Christopher Kane’s Spring 2016 show, we’re about to have another alternative thrown into the mix: cable ties. Redken’s Global Creative Director Guido Palau accented Kane’s PVC-laden collection with what just might become our next crafty hack. While most of the models had brightly colored ties sticking straight out of their ponytail, others wore the bands as chokers with their hair tucked neatly inside. Who knew a trip to your local hardware store could be so trendy?

Photo: @jessicadiner

There's nothing like a branded cable tie to inspire your next DIY project.

Photo: @rebeccacianfrini

Making the switch to plastic cable tie just seems natural, right?

Photo: @lolatwirls

Hair tie-choker hybrid, anyone?