12 Times The Ponytail Was Actually Groundbreaking


Ponytails get a bad rap for being basic. And while they may be our go-to on a lazy day, that doesn’t mean we can’t step it up from time to time. Celebrities have even made it chic to walk a red carpet in the sporty hairstyle—it just requires a little strategy. Breathe new life into your easy updo with these 12 celeb-approved looks that take you from blah to badass in seconds. It’s time the ponytail gets the credit it deserves.

Rooney Mara's Wrapped Pony

Kate Mara's 2-In-1 Ponytail

Blake Lively's Bubble Ponytail

Olivia Culpo's Hybrid Style

Amber Heard's Pinned-Down Pony

Chrissy Teigen's Triple-Decker Pony

Bella Hadid's Face-Framing Baby Hair

Maria Sharapova's Embellished Ponytail

Gigi Hadid's Sport Ponytail

Kendall Jenner's Golden Hair Tie

Julianne Hough's Minimal Pony

Kate Bosworth's Faux Hawk Ponytail