9 Hair Products You Didn’t Know Existed


Dry shampoo. Leave-in conditioner. Heat protectant. These are all mainstays in haircare routines—now. But, at one point, they flew relatively under the radar until we realized our strands couldn't live a day without them.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of the beauty world is our job, so we want to make sure that you are fully equipped with any and all items that will make you look and feel your best, especially when it comes to your hair. If any new releases or innovative products have slipped under your nose, don't worry because we're bringing them to your attention. Ahead, nine under-the-radar hair essentials you probably haven't heard of yet, but definitely need to.

Each of us can use a scalp massage every once in a while, and now this tool is here to make it easier. It's perfect for when you're washing your hair, and the soft bristles won't irritate your scalp. Plus, you can hang it up in your shower for easy access.

Detangling curls is never a fun task. DevaCurl just made it easier with this pre-shampoo detangling treatment that will make the rest of your haircare routine hassle-free. Just apply it to your strands prior to cleansing and get to detangling. Then, you just rinse it off and cleanse as usual.

If you've always wanted to get behind colorful Instagram hair trends, but never wanted to actually dye your hair, then this is for you. This color spray from Hush has a natural finish so you won't look like a lava lamp after a few spritzes. You can choose from pink, teal, gold and more.

We've seen dry shampoo in a few forms—sprays, powders and paste— but now it comes in blotting sheets. These are perfect for on-the-go instead of stashing a bottle in your bag. Just wipe them on any spots you need refreshing.

Dealing with fine, flat hair? This spray has you covered. The unique powder formula helps your hair appear thicker and fuller without weighing it down.

We've heard so much about blondes using purple shampoo, but did you know brunettes should be going blue? Get ready to see a lot more of these for brown-haired girls.

If you're hoping to get your hair to grow out more, this natural conditioner will help kickstart the process. The green coffee found in the formula will help improve scalp circulation.

We've heard so many things about how honey can benefit your skin, but it's great for your hair, too. This honey-infused hair mask will soon blow up your Instagram feed and will get make your hair softer and glossier. You can use it as a deep conditioner or an overnight treatment if your strands need a little TLC.

Olio e Osso has skyrocketed to cult-favorite status, and its balm can actually be used on your hair. Use it to tame flyaway strands or any frizz that may arise.