The Secret To Thicker, Fuller Hair Costs Less Than A Blowout

We certainly spend a fair amount of time and money on our hair, and while the reasons may be endless (color, cut, blowout, conditioning treatment), we have one shared goal—to keep our manes looking healthy and gorgeous. One of the most common issues women face is loss of volume. The good news is it can be dealt with. Hair fibers are the easiest, most effective at-home treatment for thinning strands, and hairstylists especially love one brand in particular, Nanogen. They’re natural-looking and allow you to flawlessly cover your roots. With ten shade options, there’s something for everyone, and they’re affordable to boot. One package will set you back just $20—that’s less than a blowout. It’s a one-step hack that’s too simple to pass up. Check them out here.


The Affordable Hack For Thicker Hair


Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Light Brown



Dark Blonde

Light Blonde