You Have To See Meghan Markle’s Natural Hair

A close-up portrait of Meghan Markle smiling in a white top with wind in her dark hair

Fact: Meghan Markle never has a bad hair day. Whether she’s walking down the aisle or hitting a royal engagement, the newlywed’s locks are always looking pristine. Known for her smooth, voluminous waves, Meghan clearly has her haircare routine down pat (due, we’re sure, in large part to a team of professionals). One thing we didn’t know is that the Duchess’ natural hair is actually very different from what we typically witness—a fact that caught us by surprise in a Twitter revelation.

The royal actually has a head of bountiful curls. The internet dug up some old photos in which her spirals were still intact. We’re all for people changing their hair however they desire, and either way Meghan looks absolutely gorgeous. Former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford is encouraging Meghan to wear her curls around the palace and honestly we’d love to see it too. Take a look at her natural hair below.