Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Copy From Pinterest

by Stephanie Montes

Whether you’re running late for your morning meeting or primping for a last-minute girls’ night out, we know how difficult it can be to get second-day hair under control. To help alleviate the panic, we’ve rounded up six stunning hairstyles that take mere seconds to create. Try these fuss-free looks for effortless glamour.


Go ahead, sleep in. It's good for you.


Elegant yet easy. Create a half-up hairstyle, do the old topsy twist and repeat. The best part is you can wear this with everything from a gown to jeans.


Step up your go-to ponytail by incorporating a simple side braid. Start your braid over the ear and secure ends with a thin elastic. Pull sections apart to thicken and pull the rest of your hair into a messy ponytail.

Luxy Hair

Give second-day hair the volume it deserves with this simple pony. Secure hair into a low ponytail with an elastic. Three inches down from that elastic, tie another and hide it with a small section of hair. Repeat once or twice more depending on the length of your hair.


Never underestimate the power of deconstructed French braids. Starting at the forehead, braid to the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic. You don't need to spend hours getting your part just right. In this case, the messier, the better.


Grab a small section of hair from each side, twist and pin to secure. How's that for lazy (and fabulous)?

Brit + Co

The ultimate lazy-girl go-to, this half-up bun stays secure with a few bobby pins and works with every hair type and length.