Kendall Jenner Just Did The Thing She Said She’d Never Do

Kendall Jenner has undergone drastic beauty changes for various modeling gigs—platinum blonde and pink hair, bleached eyebrows (on more than one occasion). Those shifts were all temporary, until she chopped off her long locks to sport a shoulder-graze for this year’s September cover of US Vogue. However, she’s admitted that she does have a limit when it comes to switching up her look for a job.

In February, she wrote a detailed post on her website about the constant overhauls expected of her as a model. According to Kendall, the one thing she’d never do is cut bangs: “People have asked me to … and I say, ‘No way.’ At least with something as drastic as cutting my hair, I most definitely have a say!”

It seems Kendall has changed her mind however, because her go-to hairstylist Jen Atkin revealed via Instagram that the model was rocking a fringe in NYC yesterday. For a night out that included a fashion week celebration and Kanye West’s Saint Pablo show at MSG, Kendall wore a high bun with none other than wispy bangs. Judging by how adamant she was recently about not taking the leap, we’re not sure if these are the real deal. It could be a set of well-hidden hair extensions at the request of a New York Fashion Week designer, or simply the desire to switch things up. Watch this space for updates.

Getty Images