How To Speed Up Your Morning Blow-Dry

Between making coffee, checking emails and getting dressed and out the door, any spare moment in the morning is precious to a busy woman. And if you’re a lady with a luscious mane, dealing with your hair can be half the battle. By applying these time-saving tips to your AM blow-dry session, you can take back a few of your morning minutes without sacrificing a good hair day.

Invest In A Good Hair Dryer

Don't be fooled—all hair dryers are not created equal. A quality, high-wattage dryer (a minimum of 1,800 watts is suggested) gets the job done quicker—plain and simple. Additionally, look for one that’s labeled "ionic,” meaning it uses the interaction of positive and negative ions (those emitted from the dryer and occurring naturally in wet hair) to enable water molecules to evaporate faster.

Soak Up Excess Moisture

Long live the power of the towel turban—wrap freshly washed hair in a microfiber towel while you brush your teeth or do your makeup. After just a few minutes, the super-absorbent fabric helps sop up extra moisture before you start drying.

Give It A Spritz

Prep hair with a product that's specially formulated with ingredients that coat wet hair and wick away moisture to speed up the blow-drying process.

Do A "Rough" Dry

Rather than attempt to dry all of your hair perfectly with a brush, blast the dryer while working your fingers through pieces all over the head to best distribute the heat. This method is the quickest way to hit the most surface area—you can go through the more important sections later.

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Know Where To Focus

After rough-drying hair, it's important to revisit the most important sections of the head to give the appearance of a perfect blowout. John Frieda Senior Stylist Giles Robinson cites the hairline and the crown as the "crucial zones" (aka the ones that have the biggest impact on your look). Since the hairline frames the face and the crown is the top section of hair, paying special attention to those areas helps hide a multitude of sins underneath.

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