How to Save Dry Hair from Summer Ruin

It’s safe to say the song “Cruel Summer” captures how your hair feels about the season. From super-drying salt sprays and real-life ocean dips; to chlorine, UV rays, and the effects of chemically lightening your locks to look naturally sun-kissed, summer is a cruel mistress to hair indeed. By the time August rolls around, your hair is practically begging for next-level help, which means your usual routine won’t cut it. Restore health and shine to strands before fall begins with mega-nourishing masks that hydrate, heal, and strengthen from within to erase the sins of summer. With a little deep conditioning love once a week, you can welcome September with Beyoncé and Blake Lively-level hair confidence.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

This intensive treatment combines sea buckthorn berry and raw shea butter for a rich and insanely delicious-smelling blend that moisturizes dry hair while increasing its resistance to breakage. Bonus: It’s made without sulfates and parabens.

Another paraben and sulfate-free option, Aloxxi’s repairing treatment delivers keratin and plant proteins to fortify weak strands and revitalize lackluster hair so it shines like it used to.

Specifically formulated to replenish sun-soaked, post-pool hair, this restorative mask makes brittle, dehydrated hair silky-soft to the touch.

Rahua’s products are famously 100-percent natural, which means no harsh chemicals that strip hair of its color and natural oils. Thanks to quinoa protein and omega-9-rich ungurahua oil, this mask transforms dull, damaged tresses into strong and vibrant ones.

Seriously damaged hair—the kind that looks and feels like straw—will benefit from a deep-penetrating mask that improves the health of hair with a powerful infusion of nourishing proteins.