How To Get Zendaya’s Shaggy Style Without Cutting Your Hair

by Stephanie Montes

No stranger to an ever-changing do, beauty chameleon Zendaya scores another win with this shaggy cut. While we’re feeling some major hair envy, we’re not exactly booking a chop anytime soon. Why? Texturizing creams will give us that piecey, lived-in look and save us from mourning the loss of hard-earned length. Here, 5 styling products that’ll get you her covetable look stat.

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Get The Look

For incredible texture, work this paste into wet hair and let air-dry. When hair is almost completely dry, use a diffuser to create volume and give your locks a tousled look.

If you're working with second-day hair, this cross between pomade and mousse gives you texture without weighing down your hair. Apply in a twisting motion for a perfectly imperfect wave.

This strong-hold pomade is perfect for getting that piecey, undone look. Apply a tiny amount to ends to separate, and give your hair a shake.

Work this flexible-hold wax between palms and rub throughout hair to create texture and volume. Pull hair into a high bun and warm with a blow-dryer. Let hair down and go.

Flip your hair upside down and comb this styling paste through with your fingers. Style the front by twisting hair with a small amount of paste.